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What My Music Has Taught Me

Music is not just something one can go without. It's a journey, it's a passion, it's an emotion. Every day you will go through your life and at some point hear something. A beat, a voice, a note, a song. It is inevitable. Music is all around us and always will be.

At an early age music taught me that whether I am introverted or extroverted, shy or outgoing, it will always be there for me to push me to heights I never knew I had. Growing up I was in fact very shy. It was hard for me to make friends and I think because of my silence many looked at me as a sign of awkwardness, distrust, or standoffishness (cool word right).

When I first got behind a piano and a microphone and learned and created my first song, a door opened in my brain, a light bulb went on. I had this ability to be more than who I was right at that moment. Through my voice, through my hands, through music I was able to be more than this shy little kid from down the street.

Would you believe that after just 6 months of playing piano and singing, my sister (age 8 drums), my best friend ZW (age 8 guitar), and myself performed our first show as a band in front of about 30-40 people that didn't know us at all? We played all original songs and put on a killer show. How could I do all that and be the lead singer if I was shy?

Music is something every kid should learn. I don't care if it's guitar, piano, drums, trombone, violin, etc, I ask only one thing if you're a parent reading this: GET YOUR KIDS INVOLVED IN MUSIC! You won't regret it

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