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Music Appreciation Starts at a Young Age

I can't remember exactly when it started...It may have been when I was 4 (my sister 3) and we come out Christmas morning to a brand new red polished child's drum set. I may have not known it then, but that could have been the start of my curiosity that is and will always be music. Let take it 4 years later... my dad gets this bright idea to teach my sister a simple beat on this drum set he had in his basement while having me sing and himself play the piano. I don't remember what I sang or what we played that day but I was hooked. I immediately wanted to feel more useful so my dad taught me some simple piano and I took off with it. After maybe a week I brought my best friend at the time, ZW, into the fold and my dad taught him some guitar. The three of us go up to my top bunk bed and write a song called Mr. Boney is our band.... yes our band name was Mr Boney, and if you want the story behind that name, that should be a blog all in itself.

After this point we got on a roll writing 9 songs in 6 months, performing our first show in front of 50 locals all dressed up in road construction helmets and orange vests with our hit song called "Traffic." I'll never forget that moment as it was one that has inspired me to pursue music the rest of my life and I will continue to strive to be everything I can be.

Ultimately one big tour with fans singing my words with all my fans singing my words would be the ultimate dream and goal of mine but having a song on the radio would be pretty cool too 😏.

Music is quite literally the essence of life. I believe without music we are nothing and we would fade away into nothing. A mere black and white world not far from the book "The Giver." Anyways I digress, music reaches deep within our souls bringing about every single emotion known to man. From Country to Rock to Classical to Metal, every genre bringing out something that only you as a person can fully understand.

Now imagine this from a song writer's point of view. This feeling is intensified 100 fold because not only is what we hear bringing out emotion, but what we are thinking, creating, inspiring, and diving into with each word, chord, note, and harmony bringing sound into existence.

Yea I could get into my disagreements on why they are taking music out of schools and I wholeheartedly disagree as music is proven to enhance our frontal lobe allowing students to further progress in mathematical sequence and equations as well as read and write better, but I yet again digress.

The point is, music in my opinion is the single handed most important art and it is never to late to pick up and instrument or just turn on some new music and get lost in another world, enlightening your existence and humanity to a whole new level.

Zachary Lee's Online Music Program

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