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Harness Your Inner Talent

Everyone out there has talent. Some may know it and are confident in their skills and some don't think they have the slightest talent in the world. Trust me, you are good at something. We are all put into this world for a reason. Yes we can get up everyday and go to work, come home watch Netflix, and go to bed. However what we should be doing is harnessing our inner talent and using that on a daily basis.

I implore you to find out what this is. Your talent(s) are what give living purpose. God puts us on this earth to explore, live, love, feel, and strive to do what he gives us and puts before us. Your talent may be physical or it may be psychological. You may be good with your hands or good with your mind, you may even be good with your words. Others may be good with sports, music, art, etc.

What I found out from a young age is that I enjoy a lot of different things. My attempt at being well-rounded has solidified who I am today. I enjoy sports, music, traveling, playing board games, hanging with friends, sky diving, salsa dancing, being outside, exploring, filling my life with as much possibility has I can handle.

Out of all these things I found, one particular talent has stuck out more than the others. It has been my love for playing and performing music. Not just any music, but original music. Ever since I was 8 years old and my dad had my sister and I start an original rock band together I knew this was something I wanted to pursue above all other dreams. I pushed myself to learn piano, guitar, and drums, as well as write and sing. This has had it's ups and downs over the years such as everything in life does. But from every lesson I have learned and from all the people who have supported me along the way I have never felt stronger or more adamant to tell you, DON'T STOP pursuing what you love to do.

If I could leave you with one thing it is this, Live you life to the fullest, do your very best to find something positive in each day, smile often, and find, harness, and use you what God has given you to reach others in a way that allows you to be fulfilled in everyday life. That is what I strive for and will continue to work on each and everyday!

Zachary Lee's Online Music Program

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