August 25, 2020

Music is not just something one can go without. It's a journey, it's a passion, it's an emotion. Every day you will go through your life and at some point hear something. A beat, a voice, a note, a song. It is inevitable. Music is all around us and always will be.

At an...

July 1, 2020

I can't remember exactly when it started...It may have been when I was 4 (my sister 3) and we come out Christmas morning to a brand new red polished child's drum set. I may have not known it then, but that could have been the start of my curiosity that is and will alwa...

June 4, 2020

Everyone out there has talent. Some may know it and are confident in their skills and some don't think they have the slightest talent in the world. Trust me, you are good at something. We are all put into this world for a reason. Yes we can get up everyday and go to wo...

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